Choice of meat unless specified 

Chicken, Pork, Tofu, Veggies   $11.95

Beef                                         $12.95

Prawns                                    $13.95

Salmon                                    $13.95

Tom Ka Soup

Creamy coconut soup: coconut milk, onions, mushroom, herbs

Tom Yum Soup

Hot and sour soup: Chicken broth, onions, mushroom, tomato, various herbs

Wonton Soup

Fresh wonton stuffed with shrimp & ground chicken, shiitake mushroom served with baby bok toy $10.95

Tom Jurd

Grounded chicken, tofu, napa cabbages, vermicelli noodles, shiitake mushroom, & scallions in a clear broth. $11.95

Kang Laeng (Country Style Soup )

Combination of prawn, pumpkin, mushroom, baby corn, carrot, green bean, and sweet basil $13.95


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Our Rating System

  • *   very mild
  • **           mild
  • ***     medium
  • ****            hot 
  • *****     very hot

Some items can be Vegan or Gluten Free, Please advise your server. 

All dishes can be 
made as hot as you like. 
When ordering, please 
specify how spicy you 
would like your meal.

Please start low until 
you become familiar 
with our ratings, as 
there is no spiciness 
Note that 
a few dishes have 
minimum spicy level.