Chef's Specials  

Southern Curry 

Massaman-curried beef, coconut milk, potatoes, onions, nut,
Roti (Asian pancake), served with sides of cucumber salad $14.95 

Golden Duck 

Steamed in herbs then deep fried golden brown.
Sliced, deboned,served with vegetables topped
with ginger sauce $16.95 

Salmon Sam Rod 

Deep fried salmon topped with spicy garlic sauce
(Thai style) $16.95 

Crispy Chicken 

Crispy chicken breast wok-fried with sweet honey roasted chili sauce, served atop steamed carrots
and cabbage, with crispy basil leaves. $14.95


Spicy Catfish 

Lightly breaded and fried, served on a bed of Panang curry sauce
made with coconut milk and finely chopped lime leaves $15.95 

Duck Curry 

Steamed in herbs then deep fried golden brown, with peach, cherry
tomatoes, Thai basil, pineapple, and bell peppers in red curry sauce $16.95 

Seafood Treasure Hot Pot 

Combination of prawns, squid, scallop in vermicelli noodle, garlic, ginger,
napa cabbage mixed in our homemade soy sauce topped with cilantro
and crispy garlic $15.95


Lemongrass Chicken 
Chicken breast marinated with garlic, pepper,
cilantro, curry powder, lots of lemongrass, coconut
milk, served on a bed of green cabbage & sizzling
plate $14.95

Volcano Macadamia Beef 

Stir-fried beef with Thai “Pan-Tai” spicy sauce, bell peppers, onion, tomatoes, pineapple, asparagus,
and Macadamia nuts $16.95 


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 Our Rating System

  • *   very mild
  • **           mild
  • ***     medium
  • ****            hot 
  • *****     very hot

Some items can be Vegan or Gluten Free, Please advise your server. 

All dishes can be 
made as hot as you like. 
When ordering, please 
specify how spicy you 
would like your meal.

Please start low until 
you become familiar 
with our ratings, as 
there is no spiciness 
Note that 
a few dishes have 
minimum spicy level.