Fried Spring Rolls (3 medium)

Shredded vegetables wrapped and deep-fried in canola oil 

Vegetarian    $5.95

Chicken        $6.95

Fresh Rolls (2 large)

Raw shredded carrots, bean thread
noodles, herbs

Vegetarian             $6.95

Prawn or Chicken  $7.95

Crab Wonton

Crab meat and cream cheese wrapped in

wonton sheet and deep-fried. $7.95

Chicken Satay (4)

Skewers of BBQ chicken, with sides of fresh cucumber salad & peanut sauce $9.95

Fried Tofu

Served with plum sauce, peanut, and cilantro. $7.95

Chive Pancake

Pan-fried with sweet black vinegar dipping sauce. $7.95

Tod Mun

Deep Fried Spicy Fish Cakes, Served with Fresh Cucumber Homemade Sauce. $10.95

Coconut Prawns (5)

Whole prawns tossed with lots of coconut flake & deep fried golden brown. 

Plum dipping sauce $10.95

Pot Stickers (7)

Pan fried dumpling ground chicken, cabbage, chives and garlic. Ginger soy sauce $6.95


Lightly breaded, then fried to golden brown. Served with plum sauce
and ground peanuts $10.95

Crispy Chicken Wings

Fried golden brown. Served with sweet garlic sauce $10.95

Mixed Appetizers

A combination of Spring Rolls (2), Fresh Rolls (2), Coconut Prawns (2), Crab Wonton (3),

Pot Stickers (3) $15.95

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